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Why your business needs a dedicated financial broker

Running a business is hard enough without the stress of applying for loans, boosting your cash flow and generally putting yourself in a stronger financial position. The good news is that a financial broker can take care of all these matters for you. Even better, they will partner with you over the long term in order to generate the most value for your business.

What is a financial broker?

In the context of running a business, a financial broker is someone who can help you find the capital – typically through business loans – to meet your specific needs and goals. They have both the knowledge and expertise of various financial products that can help keep your business up and running. More importantly, they will have existing relationships with multiple lenders and can help you get the best possible deal on the loan arrangement.

More than just a broker – a business partner

While some business owners may use a financial broker on a one-off basis, there is significant value in building a long-term partnership with them. This is because every business starts and ends with cash flow, so having a financial expert who understands your ambitions means you can get fast access to the financial support you need over the life of the business.

“Having a strong relationship with your financial broker can have positive knock-on effects across all facets of your business,” says David Crook, Managing Director at Nero Financial. “The more a broker gets to know the nuts and bolts of the business and your long-term objectives, the more value they can provide. Plus, having an established relationship means any subsequent deals will be faster because they already have the key information at hand.”

5 reasons why you need a financial broker

If you plan on running your business for the foreseeable future, a financial broker can help you overcome any money issues or cash flow hurdles that may arise along the way. A long-term broker can work with you to improve your financial position, as well as your borrowing power and asset position. They may even help you identify new growth opportunities for the business.

If you think a financial broker could be good for business, here are some of the biggest advantages. An experienced broker can help you:

  1. Evaluate your current situation and understand your business needs.
  2. Compare a wide range of financing options.
  3. Calculate your borrowing power, and apply this to the right lending solution.
  4. Provide professional financial advice in an ongoing capacity.
  5. Help build the wealth and security of your business over the long term.

Bringing a dedicated financial broker into your business team can help you reap a wealth of rewards – while reducing your financial stress at the same time. Contact Nero Financial today or call 1300 025 949 to find out how our financial experts can deliver the value you’ve been searching for.