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Art of the deal: How a commercial broking partner can help you get the best lending solution

Navigating the complex world of commercial lending can be a challenging and time-consuming task. So, finding the right lending solution that aligns with your business needs and long-term aspirations requires superior industry knowledge. This is where a commercial broking partner can be your greatest asset.

What does a commercial broking partner actually do?

A commercial broking partner acts as the intermediary between you and lenders. They have in-depth knowledge about the Australian commercial lending market and have access to a wide network of lenders. Their role is to understand your unique business requirements, analyse your financial position and then connect you with the most suitable lender.

Here are six reasons why you need a commercial broking partner by your side:

1. Expert guidance and industry knowledge

Commercial broking experts possess extensive knowledge of the lending industry, including current market trends and explicit lender requirements. They stay across the latest changes in lending policies and regulations, which means they can provide you with the most accurate and valuable advice possible.

2. Tailored solutions for your business and industry

Every business is unique, with different processes and goals. A commercial broking partner understands this and will be able to tailor their approach to match your particular needs. They will take the time to evaluate your current financial position, any growth plans and your overall risk profile, which will then inform the various lending solutions they will recommend to you. Whether you need working capital, funding to expand, invoice financing or something else entirely, a commercial broker should be the first person you call.

3. Access to a wide network of lenders

Any commercial broking firm worth its salt will have well-established relationships with lots of different lending institutions – not just traditional banks, but private lenders and alternative lending services as well. This broad network means they have access to a diverse range of products and terms, so instead of spending time researching and approaching multiple lenders individually, they will be able to connect you with the most appropriate lenders straight away.

4. Negotiation skills and competitive rates

Commercial broking partners understand the complexities of loan agreements, interest rates, fees, the application process, T&Cs, collateral and much more. Armed with this knowledge, they can secure the most competitive rates and terms for your business. Their negotiation skills could potentially save you thousands of dollars by getting you a lower interest rate or eliminating specific fees associated with the loan.

5. Simplified application process

Anyone who’s been through it before knows that the application process for a loan can be time-consuming and stress-inducing, involving extensive documentation collection and constant communication with lenders. A commercial broker will simplify this process by handling all the necessary paperwork and liaising with lenders on your behalf. They will ensure your paperwork is prepared correctly and submitted on time as well, freeing you up to focus on running your business.

6. Continued support and relationship management

Top commercial brokers want to build long-term relationships with their clients – it’s beneficial to their overall practice. So, you can expect them to provide ongoing support, even after your loan is secured. They will monitor the current market conditions, keep track of your financial performance and from time to time they may suggest refinancing or restructuring your loan when appropriate.

“In the complex world of commercial lending, a broking partner can be an invaluable ally. Their expertise, industry knowledge and extensive network of lenders allow them to find the best lending solutions for your business,” says David Crook, Managing Director at Nero Financial. “With the right broking partner by your side, you can focus on what you do best – growing and running your business.”

Looking for a business loan but not quite sure where to start or who to speak to? Our team of expert commercial brokers can set you on the right path. Speak to the experts at Nero Financial or call us on 1300 025 949 to get started today.